Jacopo Barozzi il Vignola made clear improvements to the original plan of: as a fortification the palace was transformed into residence of noble even if preserving the original Sangallo project. Farnese began to would like to represent also in the plan of the Palazzo and Caprarola itself their image of a successful family at the top of its power. They reorganized the asset of Caprarola creating the so-called Via Dritta, which deleted part of the medieval borgo. This road should take the tourist progressively to the Palazzo. It was finished in 1575, even if works to improve the structure were done until 1583. The garden and the area in front of the Palazzo was ended a lot of years later by Jacopo Del Duca and Girolamo Rainaldi. Numerous painters and artists worked at the iconographic work: Federico and Taddeo Zuccari, Antonio Tempesti, Jacopo Bertoia, Raffaellino da Reggio, Giovanni Antonio da Varese, Giovanni de Vecchi and so on completed their works of art following the indication of the great writers Annibal Caro, Fulvio Orsini ed Onofrio Panvinio