Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, it was planned by the great architect Pirro Ligorio, who after Michelangelo’s death was called to work in San Pietro. A masterpiece was born, which is nowadays called PARCO DEI MOSTRI, thanks to the popular fantasy. Entering in this park you will meet two Sphinxes, animals and stone creatures. The elephant that is going to kill the warrior, the struggles between Dragons, the Ogre and the Sleeping Beauty, Ercole who tear Caco, Bears, animals with three heads, Nettuno, Sirens and other interesting creatures and at the end above the Ogre’s head a globe with a miniature Castello Orsini to show the Casato’s Power. These creatures built in huge stone blocks seem to be born by wonder. Everything date at XVI century (1552), during the development of a lifestyle idea between the Prince and the Courtier. Thius wood inspired a lot of artists such as Annibal Caro, Bitussi and Cardinal Modruzzo. In order to describe their wonder, they decided to carve here their lines and inscriptions.